Friday, January 22, 2010

What i been up to??

Hey guys!!..I know i don't have much followers but i still want to share it to you guys because you guys are really important to me!...I am really busy in school, and working part-time. So many problems around but i guess i can get through it. I feel like i am locked out in a place that no one can see me and no one can hear me? why is that? maybe it's just me!..People see my mistakes and they judge you (which is not right) but i am used to it. I want to do what other people can, such as travel around the world, go to school (and finish it right away), go shop freely (i mean with no limits) but you guys know i quit being a shopaholic type of girl but still i need some new stuff, being able to chill with my old friends, spend time with my bessy, my family and the love of my life. I miss him so much even though he just drop me off like 5mins ago i still miss him. I want to spend more time with him but i can't. I've been busy taking care of these people that needed my help and i really care about. But sometimes, i think of myself and say "should i make time for my boyfriend" like some TIME. I only get to see him for like an hour, or so sometimes 35 mins and that's it. I just can get enough of him i love him so much!. The reason why im doing this is because i don't wanna lose this person! not like before i dont care about guys, but now i know this "ONE" has a meaning! like a serious meaning! and im happy!...If im with him i really really forget about my problems, stress etc etc. I feel like his my little therapy on getting away from stress! haha!! well i know it's a good thing!
I know he's not feeling alright with our situation, because my time is really LIMITED! and it sucks!..But babe' if your reading this-- i want you to know that i love you so much! and i miss you! ♥ I know that we just chill for a little bit and not really get to hang out for REAl! im sorry! but i know time will come and we'll get there!...and i just can't wait!... I LOVE YOU!


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  1. aw you and your bf are so cute :) and yes, it is definitely hard managing your time between your bf, friends, and family. i wish there were more hours of the dayy!!