Sunday, January 17, 2010

I love you bessy! ♥

Here's my best friend Maribeth, i miss her so much even though she's right next to me right now! lol she was gone for almost two weeks because of some problems and she needs to stay at the hospital that long! but i dont really want to talk about it anymore! all i need is her to be okay and healthy. I made a video for her, i showed it to her the day that she got released and i made her cry 'mission accomplished'! haha!...i never ever imagined myself singing in public specially youtube world can actually see and access it through world wide web! duh its in the computer!haha but oh well! i did it for her! and i cant believe i did it! im proud of myself haha! Well i just wanted to share it to you guys because every person is special and she is really special to me! <3

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