Saturday, March 13, 2010

Random Questionnaire

Hey everyone! Its been awhile since i post a blog so here we go! Haha i was just so busy with my life because im going to the philippines this May and im really excited!! But yeah, i saw this random questionnaire @ my friend AprilAthena7's blog so i decided to do it!!

1. How was your week been going?
My week has been so great because this week is my actual SPRING BREAK! But on the other side, i am sick!! i have a sore throat and slight fever! it sucks because the weather is killing me too!! It's raining so bad last night and i think it's going to rain again today!! yay!! But, i know i will still be able to enjoy this week even though its raining!! whoaa!!

2. Do you color your hair?
Yes i do! I color my hair all the time! But since i had a mistake these past few months i stop doing it!. I colored my hair light brown and it ended up looking like a helmet! haha!! because the color was only applied in the very top of my hair!! it sucks but i got it fixed at the salon ^_^

3. What's on your nails?
Ice White glitters

4. What are your favorite Tv shows?
~Ghost Adventure
~Ghost Hunters
~Forensic files
~True Life
~Haunted places

5. Are there any other cosmetics you love as much as nail polish?
I absolutely love eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipgloss!

6. Are you a fan on Nutella?
Sorry but i haven't try it, looking forward to do so ^_~

7. What is your favorite base and top coat?
Sally Hansen

8. Do you love boots? How many pairs do you have?
Yes i love love love boots!! i have like 6 or 7 pairs not that much but i love wearing it! ^_^

9. WOuld you rather spend a 2 week (all paid) vacation laughing on a beach in Fiji, touring the streets of Japan or rugged hiking in Australia?
I love this question!! yay!! i would choose Japan! Because ive been dreaming to visit Japan to look for my dad or just have a 1week vacation will be fine!! I just wanna see that place!! <3

10. What is your favorite physical things about your self?
Face: My lips!! i always get compliments about my lips! they said its naturally big, poofy and pinkish!
Body: My Legs!... I dont know why but i love my legs!! ^_^

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Aprilathena7's Giveaway Contest!

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Hey sweeties come check out Ms. April's giveaway!! She got some awesome prizes!!!
Good Luck everyone!! <3

And to Ms. April,

Thanks for having this giveaway!! your such a swweeeety!! Love lots!!