Saturday, January 23, 2010

My own DIET & Fitness

My ideal body! i love Nicole!!

CELERY munch at night

side salad

So i started working out again---this time it's a for REAL work out what i mean by REAL work out is like i do everything! biceps,abs, triceps, etc. etc. etc. Honestly it is hard going back on what i used to do back then but it is worth it!.Summer time is coming and you guys know that we have to be ready every summer! Sexy outfits, swim wear, two piece set, one piece set are coming and i know that i have to be ready with it! yes sir! yessir! lol. by the way i start working out Friday, January 22, 2010 and oh yes! my body still hurts! i feel like it's burning in every part of my body! (that's a good thing though) that's when you know that the work out is working WELL on you!.. So after 3 hours working out in the gym i go straight to the "steam room" or "sauna" but oh my God! the steam room is my favorite! it's the BEST!! makes you feel so fresh! it also open up your pores, clears dead skins and it exfoliate your body and skin. isn't that awesome? and oops! it BURNS fat too!!...crazy right!!...but the other day i tried the "sauna" it was preety awesome! but really like the steam better!! i don't know why but yeah! let's move on...On my food, i stop drinking soda's i used to drink soda's everyday! and now i STOP drinking it!..and before i don't really eat breakfast but now i actually have those little granola crunch that i can munch every morning!..and every single time i feel like i'm hungry i just eat a little fruit such as 1/2 of banana, 1/2 cut of apple or some salad with light italian dressing. I also stop going to different fast food locations!..I also start drinking "organic milk 0% fat free" which is a miracle because i really hate drinking milk but it's good for your health and your bones especially i start lifting light weights to tone up my muscles. But yeah, ill keep you guys updated on my diet and fitness thing...if you have questions just comment me and also visit my youtube account and message me there as well...

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Thank you guys!Have a blessed day! <3

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  1. Hey steph! I'm a follower of your youtube videos and found that you have a blog! :D so decided to drop a line and follow your blog too. can't wait for more videos and have a good week!