Sunday, February 7, 2010

Like a Fallen Angel i deserve to be FREE and go back where im supposed to be!

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Everyone deserves to be happy! Thats what we always here from other people. I tried to make people happy and be able to share my thoughts with them, but sometimes i asked myself do they really appreciate everything I've done to them?
I am a person, a person who knows how to love,and be loved. I want to be happy! but in order to fulfill my happiness i need to make other people happy first. But how long should i wait? how many more sacrifices should i take? I love my life, and so do other people. I want to spread my wings and be able to look for the right path, the path that i have to take in order to go on in my life. Sometimes i feel like i hurt a lot of people in the past, i cant help but look back and say "im sorry for what ive done i wanna move on" i can't bring perfectness in my world. There are many things in my life that i have to straighten and refresh but i can't promise to make it all perfect because im not PERFECT! and i don't wanna be a perfect one! Because if im perfect i wont be able to learn from my mistakes.
I am a kind of person who loves to care to other people. I can fix other people's problems most of the time, but i can't fix my own. Why? maybe im just how im supposed to be, INCOMPLETE.
I was a lost girl before, i dont know where to go..i dont know which path to take..and i dont know who am i supposed to talk to..I can't find my way home,it's dark, no light and no water. I tried to be happy so my family can't see whats hidden under me, my past that bothers me, people who scared and hurt me before. Dreams that wakes me up in the middle of the night and feels like it's happening again it scares me!..
I looked for a person who i can talk to, who i can share my stories with, who i can cry on.. I can't find that person, i thought i did, i thought i really did but i was wrong! Again, i didnt search for anything after that because like what other said you can't find love, LOVE FINDS YOU....And i didnt expect anything for so long.........................................................................
I look at the sky, sky with stars that twinkles at night....i asked those stars, why are you so bright? why you always look so happy? how come i can't feel any happiness? why can't you give me something that i can cherish forever?...but still NO ANSWER... I wonder why? but i felt like their saying something but i can't hear them because they are thousands and thousands miles a way........I went home and sleep, and remember what my dad told me "talk to the stars like their your friend they might not answer you, but they can hear you and they will watch over you"....
And time goes on... then i met this person, that i didnt really expect to like or even talk to him... maybe, stars are quiet but they really want to say something to you..I get to know this person and this person gives me a reason to live and change my lifestyle. I know and i can feel he really loves me because he fight for me! he explain to me what really love is... he accepted me, no matter what i am, no matter how bad i was, no matter how unperfect i am he still keeps loving and loving me...that i can't say anything...he comforts me all the time, he respects and understand me all the time...and i truly appreciate everything! I love him! and i know that deep within, If im a fallen angel i dont wanna go back because i kno that i wanna be with him ♥ I can't say i found LOVE... LOVE found US... and stars gave me the answer! Love like a star, don't expect to hear it but expect to feel it.



Saturday, February 6, 2010

ULTA Products

Hey hey guys!! so i went to Ulta to buy some products because they have this buy 2 get 2 free so i thought that was really a nice deal!...They have so many items there!! Make up brands that i never seen before. As you guys know, that was my first time going at Ulta and i thought it was soooo NICE!...But yeah, i would say that i will check their store more often for more deals. Love it!

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