Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am Number Four

OKay so we were supposed to watch "Unknown" (Liam Nelson) because i thought my little brother is not coming BUT!!... He did came and me my mom decide to watch "I am NUMBER FOUR" and ohhh yeah!! it was the greatest action movie ive ever seen so far in year 2011 yay!!.. The main character is sooo sexxay!! but i still love Cam Gigandet better than him haha!.... I love the outline and the concept of the movie! I always wonder about those supernatural people!! hah!!... I love the MOVIE!!!!... And its actually, the first time that my brother didnt fall asleep hahaa!! so thats when you know the movie was great!! LOL !! So guys, Here's what i have for today!! Sexxaaaayyy Characters from I AM NUMBER FOUR!!

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